About the Conference

We are excited for the return of Teepa Snow to Winnipeg. She is internationally renowned for her innovative clinical work and informative and entertaining dementia care trainings. Last time she was in Winnipeg her training sold out.

This in-depth intensive workshop will teach attendees effective strategies for helping people with dementia during interactions, care delivery, and daily engagement. The goal is to help reduce resistance to care and foster participation. Attendees will learn important observational skills to recognize and intervene effectively when behavioral challenges occur. Emphasizing the value of matching helping behaviors to the person's needs and retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self- direction. Modifying the task demands, the environment, and the caregiver's approach are three key elements to improving the situation. These three elements combined with knowledge of the individual's background and life story, medical, psychological, sensory conditions and level of cognitive function will form the base for problem solving and personalized care planning.

Various sessions through the workshop will address typical issues that occur from early stages of the condition, through mid-disease, and into the final care concerns that are part of the progression. Each session will help learners focus on carefully monitoring people with cognitive impairment for signs and signals of "unmet needs and growing distress" in order to intervene early and often with meaningful programming and empathetic communication. This effort to create a positive and caring environment rather than 'dealing with the behavior' after it is established and full-blown will be promoted as a more effective model of caregiving.

Visit YouTube for a sampling of Teepa Snow's past presentations and outstanding work.